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Spotlight: Rahemur Rahman

Rahemur Rahman on Bangladeshi-British influences in his design

Rahemur Rahman photographed by Laisul Hoque

How do history and tradition figure in your work?

Being British and Bangladeshi gives me two sources of inspiration from history and tradition. This duality allows so much room to be creative and lets the clothing speak volumes around identity. Through lots of research at an archive of a huge museum in London, I found samples of textiles from East Bengal, now known as Bangladesh. I work with Aranya in Dhaka, Bangladesh, to decolonize craftsmanship by working with artisans and natural dye to advance the artisanal textiles they create.

Photographs by Lily Vetch

Tell us about your upcoming projects!

I am releasing a new collection that is focused on the future. It is called “Children of the Rag Trade”. I was inspired by the rebels who came before me and created space for communities like mine to exist in the fashion industry. This collection pays homage to their strength. The brand also releases a bag and a hat, designed like a balti/bucket. It is made from denim to be as durable and washable and sustainable as the balti/bucket that most of our families have somewhere in the house.

Pieces from Rahemur's upcoming collection

What keeps you going on an ordinary day?

I take a lot of hope and inspiration from the community I have around me. Sometimes as queer people, we are forced to create homes away from homes. I am fortunate and grateful that I have a family of loved ones who keep me going every day. Also, dogs. They always make me smile.

Rahemur Rahman (he/him) is a designer based in the UK.

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