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APRIL 2021




Several impossible things dazzle us on a midweek morning, as we connect with Iskandar Ruhaizat, an artist of paradoxes who is tethered to tradition, yet harbors a keen affinity for experimentation. Based in Singapore, this Queer Malay artist is "a Buraq, a chimera" and a non-binary explorer. Iskandar’s prowess ranges across mixed media art, designing, writing and poetry. They are a powerful repository of ancient Malay wisdom, a work of art in themselves, and much more...

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Maniza Khalid

Haraam Police #2

Ainee Basir

Untitled-Artwork (1) (1).jpg

The first time my mother took me to the Chirag Dilli shrine, we were in a hurry. It was 7:45 pm, the gates closed precisely at 8. Incidentally, I was also in 8th standard, and my mother was going to ask Hazrat Roshan Chiragh to make my grades roshan (splendid). The doorman looked at us warily, letting us in with a shake of his head. My mother, desperate to earn sawaab (heavenly brownie points) for everyone, declared guiltily that she lost her way and traffic jams and stupid e-map @&%#!! He looked at me and said... 

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pssst! inviting all queer muslim artists to join our *NEW*



Aman Ali 

I remember the summer I fell in love with the women of Islam. It was when I read stories of women, young and elderly, who were part of the War of Karbala. They may not have fought in the frontlines but heralded the message of righteousness across the land. Even as prisoners of war, they were defiant and courageous. Bibi Zainab, the daughter of Bibi Fatima Zahra, emerged as a leader; her journey from being the princess of Najaf, to being brought back as a prisoner is evidence of women's passion... Continue Reading


In this column, Naani addresses the agonies and angst of Queer Muslim distress, submitted to her as anonymous asks. As a wise elder equipped with an old computer and a velveteen heart, she cares for all who need advice.

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Ainee is an Ace struggling to ace at life, part tree, part automaton. Always on a sugar rush, she purges excess affection and love through our Ask Naani column.



They are a self-taught artist and a small business owner. They use art to show how they perceive life and capture their thoughts, as our Haraam Police comic creator.

Aman Ali

Contributing Writer

Aman is a gender-nonconformist, event person by the day, and a hopeless romantic by the night. With her creative energy and love for everything queer, she strives to make the world a more inclusive place, one day at a time. She can often be found gazing at the sky on full-moon nights.



As a writer, editor, and witch based in Delhi, Maniza reveres the poetry of words. Language is their tool for magic as it has given to this world sensuous poems about fruits and Sapphic love, bad yet memorable lyrics, words to describe the aroma of coffee, and this eccentric monthly.



Besides his work as the curator and editor of this newspaper, and other projects that exceed the scope of this bio, Rafi curates what is left of his free time with Spanish crime series, 90's Bollywood music, and thoughts about love experienced freely and unconditionally.


Art Director

Reya is a multidisciplinary visual artist based in Kolkata, India. Never a casual stan of anything, she spends her days consuming music, movies, and drawing obsessively.

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